Why can’t I draw? You Can Draw! — 3 Comments

  1. I learned math because someone taught me. I learned tennis and martial arts because someone taught me. I was not left to guess at things until I got something right. I do not know how to draw because no one will teach me. They say draw what you see and think like an artist. Duh
    If I could do that I could draw but I don’t know to do those things and I guess they can’t be taught.

    • The difference is that there is tons of material out there you can learn from practically on your own.
      Martial arts and tennis require someone to be with you to learn form and posture as well as improve coordination and accuracy. Art you learn that more from trial and error. However having a teacher would obviously help you improve faster.
      With drawing you can learn a principle and apply it more or less on your own and get feedback after.
      If no one will help you, maybe you are looking in the wrong places.
      There are tons of communities online to post to and get feedback.
      I am self taught, but that doesn’t mean no one helped me out with constructive cristisisms and advice.

      • Oh and I should add here, I am not a natural artist. Half of my battle learning to draw was getting past the fact I thought I was bad at drawing. This whole you have to have the “artists way of thinking” before you can draw, is frankly rubbish.
        no one comes out the womb knowing how to draw. The difference is that those that do, simply don’t worry they can’t.

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