I thought I would take the time to detail what it means to you as the consumer when you use our website with regards to how we store cookies and our partners use your browsing data.

Can I just say first that everyone managing this site in a DustyGhost.com capacity WILL NOT share your information. We see privacy as a right not a luxury, so we will never sell or give away information about our users without their prior consent.

For example, when you sign up to our email subscription, we keep your email address private and DO NOT give it to anyone without your consent.
We definitely DO NOT sell your emails to anyone.

Any contact you make with us via our contact forms, email or other private means are treated with respect and kept as private.

Simply put, we DO NOT share any information with anyone without your consent.

Google Adsense

We use Google Adsense to feed adverts to this site. These adverts are managed by Google and we do not have much control over what kind of adverts are shown.

We control the placement of the adverts and can chose to opt out of certain categories to keep the adverts both tasteful and relevant to the site, but outside of that Google run that show.

There is code that is run by Google via our site that can look at your browsing history and determine the kind of adverts you might want to see. This is not controlled by us and we do not have details on how this works.

Google will also register when you click on an advert and will use that information for their own means.

For more information on how this works, please visit here:

One thing of note here, we think that you should have the right to use the internet how you wish, so if that means that you don’t want to see site adverts and you use an advert blocker, you have made the concious decision to be advert free.
To that end, we have now removed the code we had on the site that would bypass an adblocker.
This means if you want to use our site advert free, you can.
I hope this reflects how we respect your personal information and usage experience.

Social media

We have a number of links on our website that allow you to share our content on your favourite social media network.

When you click these links it is expected you will be connected to your social media account to share the content in question.

We have no control from that moment on, as to what any of the social media networks will do with your information once you have connected to your account.

If you share a link on this site to a social media network it is expected that the browsing data involved will be used by that social network for commercial and\or statistical purposes.

Again we have NO control over that, other than adding a link to enable you to post our content on said social media.

Google Analytics

We have enabled this service on our site so that we can get statistics from Google about how users use our site.

From our perspective this usage information is anonymous, so we have no personal information to look at from you via Google Analytics.

However, it should be noted that Google are in control of this and they will gather information about our site usage and will use that information for their own means as well as helping us with statistics.

For more information please visit here:


We ourselves use cookies to track some very basic information. Such as site admin logins, if you have subscribed to our email services from your IP before. The cookies we use for the functions of the dustyghost.com website are not used for commercial gain.

However, Google Adsense and our social media partners will also use cookies via our website and it is expected that these will be used within the terms and policies of their usage agreements.
We do not control these cookies other than allowing them to be present in our site under reasonable expectations.

What if you are concerned about all of this?

Well if you are concerned then please understand we are not doing anything different to the large majority of the internet.

Most sites will have links to social media and most will use some advertising service to help pay for the running of their site.

We are no exception.

If you are still worried though then please contact one of us via our contact forms and we will try our best to reassure you.

However, if you don’t agree with any of this, then really you should not use our site, as usage is agreement that you will consent to our setup where your browsing is concerned.


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