2 Hour Timed ZBrush Sculpt

Mark Using the the upper torso base mesh I created in my previous videos, I set a timer for 2 hours and sculpted away. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you pressure yourself a bit. Creative crits and comments … Continue reading →

Mark’s upper torso base mesh – free for all to use!

So I had a lot of fun creating this base mesh and I think it’s going to come in handy for my next project (more details on that later). In the mean time though, maybe everyone else will find this … Continue reading →

Mark’s upper torso base mesh Part 3

Here I finalised some of the forms and added some broad details to the face. Not too many as this was meant to be a base mesh not a final sculpt. … Continue reading →

The Facebook video scandal!

Please can I ask all you to watch and share this video and show some support for independent small time video creators. Piracy is not just restricted to music and big budget movies, but the small creator is stung too! … Continue reading →

Mark’s upper torso base mesh Part 2

40 mins of work condensed to about 4 mins. This time it was screen capture so no fancy turning of the model, but you can see more of the tools I use. For this session I was using an anatomy … Continue reading →