Site Usage and Your Data

Our Privacy Policy This is just a quick heads up that we have been contacted by Google to ensure that we are as clear as possible about what happens to your browsing data and your personal information when you use … Continue reading →

Site Fixed!

Ok! Looks like I found the problem, a certain site plugin, that shall remain nameless, was causing the issue. I have disabled it for now, so with luck you should have your comics back online! Phew! Mark … Continue reading →

Site Broken, Please bear with us!

Hey all, just to let you know that WordPress released a security update that has somehow broken our site. We have a number of plugins on the site that are being updated, and until this is done I cannot post … Continue reading →

Messing with Ink Pens


  Sooooo how you all doin? Been up to much? Yeah I noticed I have not posted in a loooooooooong time so thought I might upload this. Here be a dinosaur\bird\thing. Done in simple ink pens! Quite cool when you … Continue reading →

Zbrush Sketching: Dragonborn Head


Hello all! Been sooooo long since I have had time to give this site the TLC it deserves! So here is a quick post to show off a WIP of mine. It’s been a while since I did any art … Continue reading →