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It’s funny, as people may not realise this, but Craig and I have never met in person.
Craig lives in Scotland and I live in the Midlands of the UK.

Our working relationship and friendship has been cultivated over the years via the power of the internet hive mind.
After I met Craig in an artist forum (a whole other story), from that moment on Skype, Facebook and email are the tools of our communication and how we both help and advise each other in our self-perceived wise-ness.

It still seems odd to me that we have not met face to face, as we know each other pretty well these days, just through gossiping on messaging programs and spying on each other through Facebook.

I once saw Craig moving like real people do, when we setup a chat in Skype. A funny experience as his webcam and my computer conspired not to work, as if they knew that if we actually did communicate face to face, the universe would be unbalanced! Eventually we did get to see each other, but as a compromise Skype only let us see each other in black and white, presumably to stop a paradox or something.

Apparently the universe sees it as correct and right that we don’t meet face to face, at least not yet.
Recently we almost managed to get ourselves and our entire families together in the same geographical location by accident!
Craig and I will be traveling to sunny Spain to spend some much needed rest time with our families. We didn’t realise but we had both booked this at the same time!  Unfortunately it would appear that we are going to be on different coastlines, and so actually meeting will be a mission and a half! So the universe stays unworried for a time more. Though I hear it’s a little nervous that we are in the same country.

It will be good to let the world turn without us for a time. We have both found ourselves working overtime in all our various jobs and it will be nice to be forced to switch off!

I will have internet access, but short of mindless YouTube traveling and reading random articles that have nothing to do with my lifestyle at all, I probably won’t be using it much.

When we get back however, I plan on hitting the ground running when it comes to and its projects! And why not indeed!


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